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05.06.2009 Intelligent Space work featured in Scottish Transport Review  
09.12.2009 Andy Hodgson and Gillian Iversen present at IHT conference  
05.10.2009 Elspeth Finch interviewed on Radio 4's Click On programme  
17.06.2009 Jake Desyllas presents at Islington Living Streets' AGM  
10.06.2009 Jake Desyllas presents at People, Places and Movement conference  
06.06.2009 Elspeth Duxbury becomes Elspeth Finch!  
18.02.2009 Catch us at the Architects for Health Ward Layouts seminar  
16.02.2009 Catch us at the Digital Cities Conference  
29.01.2009 Elspeth Duxbury presents at Wayfinding conference  
26.01.2009 Intelligent Space featured in the Financial Times  
21.01.2009 Jake Desyllas at the New Civil Engineer Roads Summit  
05.12.2008 Elspeth Duxbury presents at the London Parks and Green Spaces Forum  
07.11.2008 Elspeth Duxbury interviewed for Real Business magazine  
07.11.2008 Elspeth Duxbury scoops Woman of the Future award  
01.11.2008 Intelligent Space's work on Oxford Circus is featured in Technology, Space and Place  
23.10.2008 Intelligent Space featured in Plan magazine  
10.10.2008 Jake Desyllas presents at the Urban Design Group Conference  
06.10.2008 Intelligent Space presents at European Transport Conference  
01.07.2008 Elspeth Duxbury picks up Atkins Inspire award  
02.11.2007 Intelligent Space move to Euston Tower    
12.09.2007 Intelligent Space's work in Canberra is featured in Australia's Urban Design Forum    

Intelligent Space joins the Atkins Group

Intelligent Space joins the Atkins Group

10.08.2007 Intelligent Space provide pedestrian modelling for the Victoria Transport Interchange masterplan    
16.11.2006 Intelligent Space's work in Bankside featured in Building Design    
22.09.2006 Intelligent Space featured in the Guardian    
30.05.2006 Intelligent Space moves from EC2 to EC1    
26.05.2006 CABE publishes Intelligent Space's work on the cost of Bad Pedestrian Design in new book    
02.12.2005 Intelligent Space Partnership's work on hospital legibility featured in the RIBA journal
10.09.2005 Intelligent Space designs a Crime Reduction Toolkit for the Home Office
09.09.2005 Catch us at the Walk21 Conference
14.07.2005 Parliament Square Redesign
29.06.2005 Catch us at the Living Streets Annual Conference
28.06.2005 Catch us at the Street Design Within Masterplans Conference
14.06.2005 Catch us at the NHS Confederation Annual Conference
10.06.2005 Intelligent Space Partnership's work on improving the A1 featured in Building Design
24.03.2005 Intelligent Space Partnership featured in "Building Design"
21.01.2005 Catch Us At The Sustainable Communities Summit: Why Urban Design Must Change
25.11.2004 Intelligent Space Partnership Featured in Event and Venue Specialist
25.10.2004 Department of Transport Showcases Intelligent Space Project "Success Story"
22.10.2004 Catch Us At The "From Main Roads to Mixed Use Streets" Conference  
19.09.2004 Intelligent Space sponsors the Shoreditch Carnival  
07.09.2004 IIntelligent Space's Work Is Featured In The Department For Transport's Good Practice Guide "Walking - The Way Ahead"  
06.09.2004 Catch Us At The Designing Out Crime Association Seminar in September  
26.08.2004 BBC News Item About Intelligent Space's Notting Hill Carnival Project  
16.08.2004 Catch Us At The Liveability Conference In October  
10.08.2004 Catch Us At The AGI 2004 Conference in October  
10.06.2004 "Making a difference on Britain's worst street"  
09.06.2004 Jake Desyllas Presents "No Shops Without Walkers" at Cities for People 2004, Copenhagen  
25.05.2004 Elspeth Duxbury put the pedestrian case in Green Spaces magazine  
27.04.2004 Notting Hill Carnival strategic review published  
23.02.2004 Intelligent Space Begin Innovative Crime Risk Mapping Project  
16.02.2004 Jake Desyllas Speaks at GLA Congestion Charging Anniversary Event  
15.01.2004 Elspeth Duxbury to speak at Creating A Safer Built Environment Conference  
22.12.2003 Greenwich Peninsula Masterplan Is Shortlisted For London Planning Award  
11.11.2003 New GIS book features Intelligent Space Partnership  
04.11.2003 Jake Desyllas and Elspeth Duxbury publish paper in IJGIS  
31.10.2003 Walking Matters newsletter features Intelligent Space Partnership  
20.10.2003 New technique for modelling surveillance launched  
22.09.2003 Intelligent Space sponsors the Shoreditch Carnival
25.06.2003 Intelligent Space develops London Pedestrian Model  
01.06.2003 Innovative Britain Newsletter Features Intelligent Space Partnership  
28.05.2003 Jake Desyllas speaks at CUPUM conference in Sendai, Japan  
  Intelligent Space to host international conference on computers in urban planning  
15.05.2003 BBC Radio 4: "Daft Questions" Evan Davis, BBC Economics Editor, interviews Jake Desyllas, Partner at Intelligent Space, on the question 'how wide should pavements be?'  
06.03.2003 Intelligent Space To Help 'Britain's Worst Street'  
18.02.2003 Die Welt interview with Jake Desyllas, Partner at Intelligent Space, about urban regeneration in Duisburg  
18.02.2003 BBC Radio 4: More or Less "Measuring Behaviour". Interview with Jake Desyllas, Partner at Intelligent Space, on counting crowd numbers at demonstrations  
27.11.2002 GLA Press release about Intelligent Space's work on the 2002 Notting Hill Carnival  
22.07.2002 Nature Magazine feature about the cutting edge research used in Intelligent Space's modelling of Notting Hill Carnival  
15.11.2002 Intelligent Space win the AGI Award for Innovation 2002  
  Westdeutsche Allgemeine has an article about Intelligent Space's pedestrian movement study of Duisburg Town Centre in Germany  
  Rheinische Post has an article about Intelligent Space's pedestrian movement study of Duisburg Town Centre in Germany
01.11.2002 Jake Desyllas, Partner at Intelligent Space, is an invited speaker at the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors Event: GIS: What Everyone in Property Should Know
Elspeth Duxbury, Partner at Intelligent Space, is an invited speaker at the Transport 2000 Seminar "Walking: the way ahead", funded by the department of Transport. Elspeth will be presenting a best practice case study from Intelligent Space's consultancy work.
Jake Desyllas (Partner at Intelligent Space) is an invited speaker at the Emergency Planning College Seminar on Crowd Dynamics.
Clearzones Newsletter feature about Intelligent Space's report on the Shoreditch Triangle Scheme
BBC Radio 4 Feedback Programme interview with Jake Desyllas of Intelligent Space about measuring crowd numbers at marches and demonstrations.
  Intelligent Space were cross party technical advisors to the UK Parliamentary Debate on Walking in Towns and Cities. Read a transcript of the debate including our quotations in Hansard (the official record of Parliament).
24.01.2002 Environment and Planning B editorial discusses Intelligent Space Partnership's work on Notting Hill Carnival. Download  
Transport for London adopt Intelligent Space Partnership's recommendations on pedestrian safety in their plan for traffic reform of Shoredich Triangle.
Time Out Magazine feature about Intelligent Space's Report on Notting Hill Carnival
GeoEurope Magazine features Intelligent Space for 'In the News'
BBC interview for London Live and World Service

Channel 4 News interview with Intelligent Space