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Las Ramblas, Barcelona

A key requirement for making successful pedestrian routes is to ensure that adequate space is provided for the people who will use them. Level of Service (LOS) analysis is an internationally recognised standard for benchmarking the capacity of pedestrian spaces and the level of comfort (or 'service') that particular designs will provide for pedestrians. Intelligent Space has developed automated tools for calculating Level Of Service.


  • capacity audits in existing streets and spaces show desired level of crowding compared to actual levels
  • testing of development plans prior to construction identifies whether capacity is sufficient for expected use
  • automated tools using open standards provide clear evidence for planning inquiry purposes

Previous Examples

  • Meridian Delta (developers of the Greenwich Peninsula) used Intelligent Space Pedestrian Level Of Service Analysis to evaluate pedestrian capacity of routes leading to the Millennium Dome.
  • Transport for London used Intelligent Space capacity analysis for central London for their research on tracking progress against pedestrian movement travel objectives for London.

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